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As the fast-paced future of automobiles continue to expand, McLaren has created the personification of the modern race car, the new McLaren Senna. Named after the infamous team McLaren driver, Ayrton Senna, this masterpiece of innovation will set the fastest lap times to date, a roaring and uncompromised 800PS (768 base horsepower) under the hood, seamlessly connected to one of the lightest carbon fiber chassis to date. Avondale is proud to bring you this new edition to the McLaren Ultimate Series, a family of the world's most sought after street-legal race cars.

With a total of only 500 units in production, each McLaren Senna is specifically reserved and attributed to its' owner, offering the most unique and exclusive ride for those with highly selective and pristine taste for the finer things in life. Pioneering features include front and rear active aerodynamics, RaceActive Chassis Control II hydraulic suspension, Pirelli P ZeroTM Trofeo R tires and an ultra-rigid Monocage III monocoque. Contact Dallas McLaren at Avondale today to learn more about this one of a kind automobile.


The rights to use the Ayrton Senna name come along with a collaboration between McLaren and the Senna family, in which a significant contribution will be donated to the Instituto Ayrton Senna (IAS). IAS is a non-profit dedicated to providing improved education standards for more than 1.6 million underprivileged children in Brazil. Viviane Senna presides over the IAS, sister of Ayrton and mother of racing driver and McLaren ambassador Bruno Senna.

If you are the kind of driver that can settle for nothing less than the best performance race car in your collection, the new McLaren Senna has been designed with you in mind. Harness maximum torque and throttle in a rush of unforgiving speed with the Senna's 688PS-per-ton power to weight ratio, supercharged 4.0 twin-turbocharged V8 engine and lightest monocoque ever offered in a street vehicle. Adhering to Mclaren's "form follows function"design ethos, the Senna taps into the physics of "downforce", a downwards thrust created via aerodynamics that allows faster travel through corners by increasing vertical force on tires, enhancing overall grip and performance. Complimenting this downforce is the most advanced carbon ceramic braking system ever offered on a McLaren vehicle, the perfect complement to reign in this true beast of a sports car.


Under the hood, the new McLaren Senna gets one of the largest engines available in any McLaren vehicle with a 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 that produces 789 bhp and 590 pounds-feet of torque. The engine is then paired with a variety of enhanced performance features, including race-inspired dry sump lubrication with a flat-plane crankshaft, and even a roof-mounted snorkel that feeds air directly into the carbon fiber plenum atop the engine for instantaneous throttle response. Every model comes with a dual-clutch seven-speed gearbox to deliver seamless-shifts and deliver power to the rear-wheels for a sporty, fun to drive experience both on the track and on the roads around Dallas.

  • 0-62 mph in as little as 2.8-seconds
  • 0-186 mph in as little as 17.5 seconds
  • Maximum speed of 208 mph

All models come with one of the most advanced braking systems ever available on a McLaren vehicle, using carbon ceramic brakes that take up to seven months to create on each disc. The Formula 1 ™ front calipers use super-stiff monobloc design and use six ventilated pistons to help keep temperatures down.


The new McLaren Senna is ultra-aggressive in style, designed to provide you with total downforce and the ability to shift the balance from the front to the rear. Intakes and vents are utilized all over the vehicle to give it the most aerodynamic build possible as well as draw hot air out from the radiators and engine bays with cooler airflow coming in to keep everything balanced. Carbon fiber is utilized throughout the exterior design, giving it a strong, unique look that stands out wherever you go. The exhaust system is sophisticated, using lightweight Inconel and titanium and exerting said exhaust at an angle that also improves aerodynamics.

Inside the cabin, both drivers and front passenger can enjoy a comfortable and confident driving experience, thanks to available racing harnesses, soft touch materials and even available stowage space for two racing helmets if the track is your ideal platform. The three-spoke steering wheel puts a main focus on sensory feedback, while many different buttons and controls are moved to the roof to help make sure you don't accidentally hit something when focusing on driving.


For connectivity on the road, the McLaren Senna comes with an 8.0-inch touchscreen that's centrally located for different audio, navigation, and media functions on the go. It is also available with a three-camera system that you can use to pinpoint your record-breaking lap times around the track.

Customize Your Ideal McLaren Senna with the Bespoke Experience from Avondale

You can now customize every facet of your new McLaren Senna using the Bespoke Experience from Avondale. Customization areas include:

  • Natural Veneers and Unique Surfaces
  • Personal Leather and Stitching Options
  • Embroidery
  • And More


If you're ready to learn more about buying or leasing a new McLaren Senna, we invite you to come join us at McLaren Dallas to explore your many different options today. We also offer many different Qualified McLaren models for sale, allowing you to choose from an even wider selection of pre-owned McLaren models as well. Down the road when your McLaren vehicle needs servicing and maintenance, you can return to our service center and our expert technicians will get it back to like new condition in no time!


The Avondale Premier Collection is honored to offer exotic autos like the McLaren Senna at our Dallas McLaren dealership. Avondale specializes in selling and servicing some of the world's most unique and exotic automobiles for sale. Visit our Dallas McLaren showroom to view your next racing car at Avondale.

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​It is the most track-focused road car we have ever built, and it will set the fastest lap times of any McLaren to date. That is what has driven us to build a track car that is unashamedly without compromise. One that is legalised for road use, but not sanitised to suit it. Nothing else matters but to deliver the most intense driving experience around a circuit.Inspired by one of McLaren’s greatest racing drivers, the McLaren Senna is utterly dedicated to allowing the driver to be the best they can possibly be.


The McLaren Senna has a single-minded purpose. In the pursuit of the most rewarding and intuitive driving experience, pioneering active aerodynamics generate unprecedented levels of downforce. It is also the lightest vehicle we have built since the iconic F1, with our most powerful road car engine to date. This combination creates a staggering power-to-weight ratio of 668PS-per-tonne (659bhp). It is the most direct and responsive McLaren ever built, surpassing even the McLaren P1™ GTR, to create the purest connection with the driver. The McLaren Senna is a new track benchmark for McLaren.


The McLaren Senna is the ultimate distillation of the company's 'form follows function' design mantra. To observe the detailed work that has gone into every aerodynamic element of the McLaren Senna is mesmerising. To experience it all working in unison is truly incredible. The resulting 800kg of downforce in Race mode at significantly less than maximum speed (155mph or 250km/h) is phenomenal, and the McLaren Senna creates, maintains and controls its aerodynamic performance to ensure the driver has the confidence to explore the limits such downforce unlocks.


We think of the McLaren Senna as a race car - we have designed and built it to perform on the track first and foremost. The active aerodynamics are pioneering, and the unprecedented visibility achieved through the unique glazed doors gives the driver total confidence. Exhaustive, fearless engineering has led us to revaluate and reassess every component, no matter how small or insignificant, to maximise performance. We have used carbon fibre for the monocoque, the body and everywhere we need lightness, rigidity and strength - it is the reason the McLaren Senna is the lightest road vehicle McLaren Automotive has ever built.


800PS and 800Nm from a 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8, the most powerful internal combustion engine McLaren has ever built. 800kg of downforce made possible by pioneering active aerodynamics. The lightest McLaren since the iconic F1 with dry weight of under 1200kg. A power-to-weight ratio of 668PS-per-tonne (659bhp) that ensures it will set the fastest lap times of any McLaren road car to date. 0-124mph (0-200km/h) in 6.8 seconds and a top speed of 208mph (335km/h). Next-generation carbon ceramic brakes that utilise racing technology. Discover the savage performance of the McLaren Senna.


When Ayrton Senna arrived at McLaren in 1988 he was an outstanding young driver, but he wasn't yet the complete champion he would become during his time with the team. At 28 years old he was starting his fifth season in Formula 1 with six wins under his belt; at McLaren he would convert all that promise into three World Drivers' Championships.


Envisioned by Ayrton Senna before his untimely death, the charitable work of the Instituto Ayrton Senna (IAS) is a remarkable legacy for one of McLaren's greatest racing drivers. Established in 1994 by his sister Viviane, six months after his fatal crash at the San Marino GP, the non-profit organisation now benefits up to 1.6 million children and young people in Brazil. On the racetrack he was one of the greatest drivers of all time, but his off-track achievements are arguably even greater. Thanks to the provision of comprehensive education, the IAS prepares the youth of Brazil to live in the 21st century and build a better future. McLaren is immensely proud to support the IAS, and to honour Ayrton Senna's legacy at the highest level of motorsport with our most track-focused road car ever.


Incurable car collector Kathy Cargill has found a new favourite way to explore her automotive passions. She's the proud owner of four McLarens